You may have guessed it already: we are Communists indeed – in the sense of Marx, Engels, and Lenin, not necessarily the ‘Eastern Block’ that ingloriously collapsed some time ago because it could not stand the military threat of its superior enemies. Indeed, we prefer rationally shared property against no property at all (which is the actual fate of the vast majority of all people – having a little money for one´s daily needs plus some toys, souvenirs and even books is something other than property). Property gives independence, dignity and freedom (even a certain freedom of thought); that is why Marx, Engels, and Lenin advocated (and tried to create) collective property instead of no property at all for most of us and private property for a minute amount of some ‘happy few’ (plus decent salaries for the happy few´s servants, heralds and killers).
But whatever distribution of the earthly goods may be desirable or not: there must be enough of them for each individual, including raw materials of all kind, nature, and even space. (Lack of goods and space will inevitably result in loss of freedom and well-being, including mental and intellectual capacity.) Thus, the greatest actual challenge of mankind is not the system of producing and distributing goods, but birth control. Or more exactly: having failed birth control at least four generations ago, with the present outcome of this failure, a failure not caused by ‘human silliness’, but by the necessity of keeping competition alive amongst all propertyless people, thus preventing strike successes.

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if you want to know our more thorough thoughts about it. There is no reconciliation between the aim of overall human well-being and religion. Of course all modern mass media are detrimental to the human mind, because they are run by or in favour of the big owners and their mighty servants, we know that well; but religion also is inevitably detrimental for the human mind as well as for overall well-being, because it affects it at an early stage and, therefore, did always enjoy the favour of those in power, who never want to lose their inherited advances to the benefit of those who lack them respectively have to work, to pay, and to die for them.

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We are active since more than forty years; we never changed our programme, and we did survive rather serious persecutions and denigration. We stem from the so-called ‘students´ movement’ (though meanwhile, we do not contain more than 10 per cent personal survivors of it amongst our active members), and we may say, at least in Germany, and contrasted to the so-called ‘K-groups’, we are the only survivors that stood the test of time. Suffering from the breakdown of the Eastern Block as well as any other genuine friends of freedom and truth (‘leftists’, a rather superficial word, but legitimately based on the parliamentarian seat order of 1789 France), we may find a broader chance in present, because monoimperialism lifts its grinning mask, more openly than ever returning to universal pauperisation, helotisation, torture (e.g. at Abu Ghraib or Guantánamo, not only in marginal ‘gorilla’ dependencies as earlier), and, last not least, sexual humiliation and persecution (labelling the most normal sexual intercourse of teenagers ‘paedophilia’ and persecuting adolescents and adults as well, and this is not all, also art, print and all serious mass communication is concerned, an US-based secular khomeinism is creeping back on Earth´s surface, poisoning any and every satisfying sexual activity or sexual feeling).
Illusions about Uncle Sam´s ‘friendly’ intentions are gradually collapsing, it´s true – but fatalism is rising symmetrically, and ideologies, e.g. becoming a full-time slave and renouncer in favour of the ‘environment’ instead of satisfyingly consuming all nice and expensive things by reducing the number of possible consumers globally, are rife. Resisting ideology is impossible individually;

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Resisting imperialist violence (‘legislation’, etc.) as well and even more; it is difficult indeed, but by counter-organisation, your chance is improved.

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Unfortunately, there is only one – more or less – comprehensive book by us available in English; it might transport some authentical impression into your mind, and it is cheap.
You may order and pay it; please inform us, if the postal service did its duty, and it did arrive at your letter box: Bernhard Schilli: Who is the ‘Ruling Class’?