Without birth control, the standard of living will continue to deteriorate.

But with birth control wages would increase.

And that would, according to our papers and magazines (STERN etc.), be the worst thing of all.  Because as long as there are overpopulated and in particular large, miserable and poorly off corners of the world, there will be an inexhaustible supply of wage squeezers.  These are then either imported to counter strikes – which can be successful without overpopulation – (‘misery following capital’) or companies move to wretchedly poor foreign countries (‘capital following misery’, also known as ‘capital export’ or ‘outsourcing’).  This is why we have ‘Equality worldwide!’ in our emblem, and not for any idiotic ‘moral’ or ‘social’ reason.

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Seven billions are six too many!

The 31st of October 2011 was officially declared, by the United Nations, to be the day when the world population jumped over the number of 7000000000 persons.
Across the globe, in the mass media this day was marked by a peak of open or disguised, but in the end rather uniform as well as aggressive propaganda against the concept of birth control. Many papers carefully avoided even to mention the ostracized word itself, and they often followed a pattern chosen on that day e.g. by the big German daily Frankfurter Rundschau (31.10.2011, p. 2-5, 11): First, the gruesome consequences of the population explosion were briefly mentioned (with for example 70 biological species being presently wiped out per day), but only to feign a neutral approach. And so, right away there followed a long praise of the happiness of bringing more and more children into this overcrowded world, some venomous remarks against China's "inhumane" former one-child-policy and a garrulous editorial titled "Seven billion chances" (!), and at the end of it all the take-home-message was: "A child means hope. Seven billion human beings are not too much for this earth..."!
To recall on this occasion, and against this intimidating propaganda avalanche, our long-standing stance in favour of birth control, please find in the following an English translation of a leaflet on this subject which we recently distributed in Germany:

 10 arguments in favour of birth control and population shrinkage