The final victory of the USA over the Soviet Union around 1990, obtained by its vast economic and technological superiority and the ensuing successful menace of nuclear decapitation through the new American ‘mini nukes’ stationed in Europe, marks the beginning of a new and most somber era in mankind's history. Since then the USA has quickly slipped off its grinning mask of the ‘Free West’, and it promptly started its new world reign with a new, this time unhindered Vietnam-war-like military destruction of a defenseless state insisting on its national sovereignty, Saddam Hussein's spectacularly modernized and basically secular Republic of Iraq – in order to demonstrate thereby once and for all to the rest of the world what would happen henceforth to whomever would not willingly and most promptly obey its orders.
Every year and every day since then, it has become more palpable and undeniable that this new era, with the whole world at the mercy of the US government armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, simply means the step-by-step establishment of a new totalitarian system which, if it meets no determined opposition, will leave nothing of the individual freedoms, constitutional rights, national sovereignty as well as prosperity and living standards enjoyed before at least by parts of the world population.
During the past twenty years we have discussed and analyzed this sinister metamorphosis from many angles in numerous leaflets, articles and books. Their topics span from the US military aggressions against Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya or Syria, or Europe's economic plundering by American blackmailing of its big companies (e.g. Volkswagen and Bayer) or national governments (e.g. ‘Nazi gold’), or of plundering European property by US ‘cross border leasing’, in the near future by TTIP or by the bank swindle, till the destruction of constitutional rights e.g. by the US ‘enemy combatant laws’ or the EU Lisbon Treaty, the destruction of sexual self-determination by the imposition of the inhuman US laws on sexual offences on the rest of the world or the general cultural and intellectual decay including even the willful destruction of the classical European opera – and many more subjects.
Whereas these texts mostly only exist in German, we can recommend you here, regarding this complex of subjects, at least a small 40-pages-translation of some articles (see the English edition of KETZERBRIEFE [Heretical Letters] No.23) published by us immediately after the first American military aggression against Iraq, in March 1991. Twenty years later, they are still worthwhile to read because they place the events of those months in the larger historical context, discussing in particular the impact of the American aggression on the ‘matter of Enlightenment’, i.e. on the previous secularist movements of the Near East, as Michel Aflaq's Ba'th party foundation or within the PLO, whose countries have now been plunged back, by the American bombs and occupiers, into the darkness of the Shari'ah's rule.
This is only a small sample of our mentioned writings, but again one little path to enter into dialogue. – Since let us not forget: a regime might be powerful, but not even the mightiest one in history ever had absolute power. Even under a full-scale dictatorship like the French monarchy of the 18th century, vivid and freedom-loving minds succeeded in meeting regularly and quite ‘privately’ in their famous salons, laying thus, by their disciplined and goal-oriented discussions, the foundations for something better to come. Why not follow their example? Discussions are always better than a brainless TV addiction.

From our archives, we publish here a few texts which are related to this topic and which have lost nothing in their relevance and interest today: