What means conformity?

Conformity results from social and state-exercised pressure; both pressures are intertwined. They who are in power call this reduced state of mind and conscience and the way of achieving it a desirable one; they label it differently. Hitler called it Gleichschaltung, Stalin toeing the line, their widely anonymous, but homogenously organized and even more successful successors of our times call it political correctness.
Truth and logics, individual freedom striving for secured pleasure and its reconciliation with the necessities of social cooperation by the principles of Rousseau's social contract, not by disguised guidance and manipulation of the people reduced to immense and formless crowds by some anonymous, but almighty ‘wise’ government, are the natural enemies of conformity, be this conformity achieved by losers like Hitler and Stalin or today's far more dangerous ‘international’ respectively US-dependent winners. For centuries, conformity was mainly achieved by spreading, fostering and reinforcing the God Delusion (imperialist as well as Islamic governments still like, pay and defend it, but it is no longer their rule's backbone); today, though no god ever really existed, something quite similar does exist, for the first time in history: videoization of cities, roads, entrances of public and other buildings and any means of transport – for your safety, pour votre sécurité, por su seguridad, zu Ihrer Sicherheit. If there has never been an omnipresent and simultaneously attentive God, now there is. His most efficacious and full-scale substitute to keep the rulers ruling.
The weakness and helplessness of the people (and you, dear reader, are part of them) stems from their number. The more of them crowd around and compete for resources, the more difficult is – with their language and mental strength decaying as a result of that – their communication, the easier their being ruled, the worse their treatment, the lower their quality of life (be this in terms of food and housing quality, mobility, access to uncontrolled nature or, last not least, personal dignity beginning by the person's treatment by bureaucracy and ending up in its unchallenged safety and exemption from torture and physical humiliation or not). That is why the ruling apparatus including its ‘green’ (= ‘ecologist’) noisy avant-garde distaste and denigrate birth control and advocate the consumer's control straightforwardly leading to something as a Warsaw Ghetto level, whilst we, the Alliance against Conformity, advocate birth control and fight the reducing of any individual's pleasure resources and human potential. So, US-dependent governments and their scribblers and pogromists do not like us.
Totalitarianism is not measured by amounts of bloodshed, but by success in achieving conformity, in achieving ‘voluntary’ servitude. Judging the US-imperialist global government of our time, the original Orwellian level of communicative atomization and universal control and manipulation is left far behind, some ‘soft’, i.e. successful totalitarianism has replaced any conscious ‘social contract’ of independent individuals.
We fight for restoring respectively achieving this lost, though never fully acquired political and mental state on the base of modern expanded technical possibilities and the modern reduced planetarian resources (that largely have been wasted for nothing except providing immense numbers of job-competers worldwide). The most indispensable means for that purpose remains population reduction by birth control (or rather, by not harassing birth control – free access to contraceptives to all adolescents, severe punishment of practising arranged marriages, abstinence from legal as well as parental interference into the private life of adolescents and, of course, adults are just a few desirable and global measures to achieve that goal). The immediate result of this will be a rise of the standard of living, a reduction of working time (and, therefore, the erosion of unemployment) and a weakening of the state's and the big global companies' power. Therefore, the hidden union of governments and global (normally US-headed) companies treats us as their enemies, and, judged by their and our respective goals, we indeed are. Freedom and dignity indeed cannot coexist with totalitarianism, be it a sensational, pioneering and, against a more powerful and richer competitor, losing one, or some ‘soft’, successful and, at least at the first glance, invincible one.
But even the Roman Empire finally could be crushed. Humanism may get another chance in history against the totalitarianism of imperialism, religion or modern monopolism, as it really already had got one between the 12th European Century and the 1789 Human Rights achievement and the Russian Revolution led by Lenin and Trotsky; because of its secular and global backlash at the end of the second millennium, it has to be re-started on a humble level, the level of uncontrolled, state-free rational communication.
We united some decades ago to provide a safe nucleus to this communication, and, as our French predecessors whose disciples finally managed to behead the king and secure the true human rights at least exemplarily, we meanwhile boast of some humble, but steady and substantial success.
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