What is the "Alliance against conformity"?

The beginnings of the "Alliance against conformity" are to be found in the times of the so-called "students' movement": among the numerous oppositional movements of the time, who wanted to continue the tradition Hitler had destroyed, the tradition of consequent freedom movements that oriented themselves by Marx and Engels (whom every citizen of the former Comecon states will only know in grossly distorted form), an organisation under the name of "Marxist-Reichist Initiative" came into being in 1974, which together with the fight against economical extortion - for which the name of Karl Marx is famous - also fought for unreserved sexual self-determination, for which the name of Freud's follower Reich stands. (The reason for this was and is, that without the knowledge about the unconscious motives for the development of a servile mind and the fight against them, general, so-called "democratic" collective self-determination is not to be attained and will also not remain viable. ) Whilst all other factions of the so-called "New Left", who at first had behaved like hyperradicals either perished or sagged to become thoroughly spineless servants of the militarily aggressive US- state under the control of the country's mega-capital or to become the worst troops of defamers in the service of US-vasall governments respectively, the "MRI" stuck to their programme based on the use of the findings of Marx and Freud in order to bring about maximum freedom in all respects. Therefore they were, very shortly after the capitulation and metamorphosis of the former hyperradical Left, victims not only of the latter's most venomous hatred but also of hefty persecution by state authorities. Nevertheless, via a local "Bunte Liste" in Freiburg(Breisgau) they succeeded in gaining at least one seat in the municipal council , until pogroms and defamatory campaigns by the press made their "legal" continuance impossible.
From this political alliance the "Alliance against conformity" developed, which did not deviate an inch from the programme described above, which is, however, for this reason forced to lead a "half-legal" form of existence similar to that of the Bolsheviks, who were forced to do so in the similarly malignant tsarist realm. Nevertheless, in spite of all the howling of the press and defamatory yelling, you can get to know it in an authentic way if you really want (and compare this with the great shout of their enmies, who devour tax money and are pampered by justice authorities).
Our programme is represented in a most general form very well by our emblem: birth control, reduction of working hours, equality worldwide. Under any different conditions an agreeable and rich life for as many people as possible will not be possible on the planet; it cannot provide more than one billion people well with food and energy, and when people stand in each other's way in great numbers when jockeying for the jobs that exclusively the heirs of combine companies' owners and their administration staff are able to allot, competition among the much-too-many will destroy any solidarity, will heat up the fight of everybody against everybody else (except against those few, mostly US-American major heirs, of course, whom nobody sees in their villas and helicopters) and will thus advance misery, stupidity and meanness. As the control of a few heirs over an extremely large number of non-heirs requires a great number of policemen and an untiring propaganda, extremely much work the productive rest is doing is swallowed up by these parasites, catchpoles and bigwigs. In case only the rest of the people, that is doing productive or useful work (such as physicians, for instance) divided the fruits of their common work among themselves and excluded the parasitic and detrimental rest, for which purpose they however needed political power and the control over the army, working hours could be extremely reduced with the standard of living remaining unchanged or rather even considerably raised by a longer period of successful birth control.The means of technology are sufficient for that since a long time already. This is what the slogan "reduction of working hours" stands for, as well as our symbol of hammer and sickle, perceived in a distorted way because of long times of perversion, it actually stands for the unity of all people doing useful work (in industry as well as in farming) as those holding political power instead of heirs of combine companies and those representing their interests.
But when wage squeezers are imported from countries without birth control, no difference under what pretext, the programme of wealth for all and emancipation of the masses cannot be realized. This is the reason for our slogan "equality worldwide!" - not an equality in poverty, but that of a reassured wealth, of reason instead of religion, of emancipation instead of servitude. Whoever asserts to be more intelligent, may certainly tell us, in which way this programme might be realised more easily and at less costs; until somebody will have achieved this, we shall, however, regard all those, who just pretend to have done so as babblers or liars. In any other case facts and logic must have the say. We are propagating them.