Why our emblem?

Why birth control?

Because only a certain number of people (a number that was exceeded a long, long time ago!) can fit on the planet without overstretching its resources (even in space terms – not only energy and raw materials!) and thus reducing the quality of life (or destroying social welfare).  Because this means that there would not be so many workers, which at present, as masses of unemployed people are endlessly competing for their jobs, keeps wages low.  In other words, population reduction instead of further growth means that the possibilities of pressuring people that are given in today's mono-imperialism would decrease.  Now guess why those in power and those who spread catchwords do not, of course, like this item on our agenda at all.

Why the reduction of working hours?

Because this is the meaning of life – work was made for people (because of the beneficial results that can only be achieved thereby), and not people for work.  It doesn't do any harm at all if people are healthy, clever (proper study or learning is only possible outside work) and live for a long time (the so-called ‘pensioners' society’ – ooh, shock! horror!), but that is exactly what, in our opinion, they should become, instead of simply serving to benefit and to relieve of any discomfort a small, possessing or privileged minority.  This brings us to the third point:

Why equality?

What we mean by this is a roughly equal distribution of worldly goods amongst all people (with penalty deductions for bad work and bonuses for particularly good work, but without any advantages from the outset – including inheritance).  What we don't mean, however, is pseudo-egalitarianism as regards capabilities, personal qualities and the measure of good will. Our ideal remains: from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs (an ideal whose realisation depends on social organisation on the one hand and the general status of technological development and the amount of raw materials still available on the other).  But inherited and other advantages laid at one's feet, i.e. unnatural (social, legal, etc.) inequality, leads to the opposite result – see, for example, what we said about birth control, especially the last sentence.

And why worldwide?

Because every island in the current sea of pressure, stupidity and social inequality would be torn to shreds in the hail of the American bombs.  And even if there were no bombs, the market would do the job just as well: people who live well and long produce more expensively than those who live badly – and therefore cheaply – and are disposed of after use; as long as the latter exist, the products made by the former are not competitive on the world market.  Basically, this is all the word ‘globalisation’ means – worldwide equality at a low level because of the industrial development of the low-wage countries, i.e. those without any kind of workers` movement that has been at least temporarily successful, and because of the high standard of transport possibilities.  What we want, however, as the only alternative is: equality at a high level.

And why the devil?

Because this manifesto is – at least virtually – forbidden.  (Those who ban it, by those means at their disposal, are those that have the power to do so – and they are also, of course, those who personally benefit most from not executing it.)  The devil simply symbolises the forbidden, that which is also calumniated from all sides.