What we do

 Our activities are focussed on Germany and its two German-speaking neighbouring countries where we regularly distribute flyers on a mass scale – incidentally, at least since the French Revolution the most elementary means of any authentic opposition to counter opinion control by those in power –, publish our journal ‘Heretics' Letters’ and hold public talks and discussion events. Of course, however, our programme is not a national one, but by its very nature an international one – a look at our emblem is enough to show that. We have therefore always and since our foundation been glad about every opportunity to cooperate with organisations and individuals anywhere in the world wherever the most deep-rooted motive for that programme could be found as a common denominator: the hate of injustice and therefore the common fight against it.
In the same line and a Voltairian spirit, we equally welcome any opportunity just to exchange ideas beyond national borders and beyond the control of the streamlined medias' and the state's paid stooges – in other words, as long as freedom of speech is guaranteed for every participant and a sincere interest in the subject of discussion exists.
We have accordingly always, and meanwhile for decades, entertained lively connections to the most varied of organisations, well-known public figures or interested individuals all over the world – though most of these long-lasting and manifold international activities of ours are up hereto documented, mainly in our journal, in detail only in German language, by perusing our site you might nonetheless get at least a little impression of them. We can simply invite you to get to know us more: where the wish for dialogue exists, means and ways can always be found!
Theoretically, we are still members of the Oslo Freethinkers International (IAFT). As this organization meanwhile is controlled and more than influenced by the US-government and therefore switching its activities from fighting religious obscurantism to bashing what is left of Russia (its first after-Oslo activity was backing "Pussy Riots" - we did not join that campaign and informed the Russian government about that!) and promulgating feminism as well as Islam sympathies in the former COMECON-States, there is something like a tension between us and them, i.e. the US-dependent rest. Nevertheless, you can find here records of all our activities they had to witness on several ‘common’ or ‘shared’ occasions.

Here are the most interesting things - our speeches on Atheist meetings

 To whom it may concern:
About the Anathema of the Libre Pensée (French Freethinkers) against us.