About the Anathema of the Libre Pensée (French Freethinkers) against us

On 10th August 2011, we had become members of the IAFT (»International Association of Free Thought«) in Oslo. We had considered it an alliance of forces opposed to religion, the aim and object of which was the exchange of information and the coordination of potential common actions, but by no means the submission to remote headquarters. Now a controversy has arisen, since the functionaries of the majority of the national organizations are striving after money from the state and, therefore, instead of advocating religious freedom, rather engage in fighting religious freedom for small and weak religions, i.e. attacked and hunted competitors of the major churches or established Islam. We feel disgusted at such attitude; as much as we are atheists, as little do we want atheism to become a compulsory creed, least of all by means of favours from the side of the state. A parrot that has learned to say: »There is no God« or »three plus three is six« is no closer to the truth or mathematics than another parrot shrieking »God is great« or »three plus three is seven«. A correct solution or result is neither achieved by coercion by the state nor social pressure but only by a free and disciplined debate. This is why the freedom of debate means everything to us and why we consider its results of relevance only if they are the outcome of a free debate and not a dogma. Our fellow atheists, especially their French group, however, see these things quite differently, and that is why they do not loathe the hunt for small and free competitors of the major churches on the market of organized phantasies but, what is more, even join in their persecution in order to ingratiate themselves with the persecuting state organs and prove themselves efficient with a view to becoming their future recipients of state dough. We ourselves - like Voltaire, the great supporter of the Quakers and the Huguenots - are absolutely clear about the fact that only tolerance, i.e. a debate free from any violence instead of just another dogmatism, will be ultimately detrimental to religion and offers the greatest chance for truth to prevail over state and government dogmatism.
    This controversy has resulted in some international correspondence with our present as well as our former laïcist friends which, on the part of their French leaders, has, however, degenerated into veritable anathemas with such hysterical vehemence and Early-Fathers-like rage that any pope could hardly outdo them. If you are interested in reading this correspondence, please click here.

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In order to get a picture of the political position of our little hysterics, the following document might be useful; the authors have no conflicts in holding openly pro-imperialistic views, even if the consequence would be a Syria under the Sharia. But, of course, this means peanuts to hunters for UN money. As for us, we never made a secret of our standpoint, i.e. an anti-imperialistic and Leninist position, but we also never forced others who fight religious privileges and church power to adopt it, nor have we ever looked down on them spitefully if they didn't. Now, here is the first document:

Response of an IAFT member
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