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Child Mutilation

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Call for protest against child mutilation

In the middle of the summer slump, the German parliament (Bundestag) has opened a pro-religious blitz attack on the most fundamental human right guaranteed by the German Constitution, namely by its Article 2(2) which provides: "Every person shall have the right to life and physical integrity."

In open contempt of this constitutional key guarantee, the Bundestag has passed, in an extraordinary summer sitting of July 19th and with overwhelming majority, a resolution announcing its intention to adopt as quickly as possible a law which would allow the


for religious reasons, committed by the cutting off of the foreskin of the penis of newborn and small boys. This heinous bill, which is presently fabricated by the German government in double-quick time behind closed doors, is planned to be adopted by the parliament as early as in September. If this deeply anti-humanist cross-party swoop works out, for the first time since 1871, when Germany's modern and secular Criminal Code was adopted under Bismarck, the mutilation of children for religious reasons would cease to be a crime and again be admitted - just as in the Middle Ages or in present-day states like Saudi Arabia or Malaysia, but now in the midst of the European Union!

We can resume here the domestic background of this new and radical attack on the civil liberties in our country and in Europe only in a few sentences. However, in order to permit you to grasp to its full extent the obscenity of what currently happens in Germany, you can find here a translation of our mass leaflet which we have just distributed in many German cities in order to counter, with the limited means at our command, the massive and unisonous media and state propaganda which we are currently witnessing in our country in favor of this unprecedented pro-mutilation legislative plot.

In May of this year, a criminal court in Cologne found an Islamic child mutilator (a doctor acting as a religious "circumciser") guilty of bodily injury (Art. 223 of the Criminal Code) for having cut off the foreskin of a little boy. This judgment, which we welcome and which only correctly applied the German criminal law in force since more than a century, however quickly proved to be the starting signal of an obviously beforehand-arranged political and propaganda campaign in favor of exempting child mutilators from the scope of the criminal law: During the last months, the domestic public has been literally flooded by the German mass media, since long characterized by their Gleichschaltung (not only in Germany, of course), with relentless propaganda against the law-abiding judgment of Cologne and in favor of a formal future impunity of religious child mutilation. In the same time, this propaganda was fuelled by endless statements to precisely the same effect by spokesmen of all five parties which - after a long history of political repression reaching from Hitler and Adenauer to Willy Brandt's Berufsverbote* - have since long monopolized (with some occasional renaming or recasting) the German parliament**.

In addition, the wire-pullers of this political-propagandistic campaign have aptly shifted its leitmotiv - sadly enough with the most inglorious help of the German Central Council of Jews - from the Islamic child mutilation which had sparked the Cologne case to the Jewish child mutilation, thus giving it a spin toward the demagogic allegation that without a right to mutilate children there would be "no future for Jewish life in Germany"! While many people in Germany - as we know from many individual talks, observations and reactions during the past weeks - are sincerely revolted by the planned infamy of exempting child mutilators from the criminal law, many feel particularly intimidated by the prospect of being even accused, when they speak up for their conviction, of "anti-Semitism"! The German government and parliamentary parties deceitfully add fuel to this fire by blustering that without their intended dehumanization of its criminal law "Germany's reputation in the world would suffer". This is not only demagogic, but an offence against the many Jews who since long call for an abolition of the cruel rite of circumcision (see e.g. the photos in our leaflet).

For the rest, if any of the involved cartel parties in the Bundestag were really worrying about Germany's international reputation, nothing would hinder it from first of all tabling a motion to abolish the shameful Hitler Concordat of 1933 which instead, with their unanimous support, is kept in force in Germany until this very day. Since Hitler's terror regime, Germany has never become a truly secular state again, nor a truly democratic one (as it had been after WW I). To cite another example for this, during thirty years Germany was the only EU (formerly EC) state which levied, precisely on the basis of the Hitler Concordat, a church tax on unemployed non church members. Only thanks to the unwavering protests of freethinkers and atheists from many countries who consistently lent their support to the case of Dr. Nittmann, eventually the German parliament was forced to abolish this unconstitutional pro-clerical tax robbery in 2005. And today precisely the same German cartel parties come up with an even far more dangerous attempt on the most fundamental achievement of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution: the categorical and total ban imposed on any religion whichsoever to lay hands on the physical integrity of a human being.

Let us make clear that we will do everything within our means to defend this fundament of human dignity against this pro-medieval and utterly hypocritical maneuver of the state of the Hitler Concordat! Stop a German-led introduction of the


throughout the European Union!

Please send your letters of protest (with a copy to us) to the following addresses:

Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel
Willy-Brandt-Str. 1
D-10557 Berlin
Fax: + 49 30 184 00 - 2357
E-Mail: info@bundeskanzlerin.de

Deutscher Bundestag
Bundestagspräsident Prof. Dr. Norbert Lammert
Platz der Republik 1
D-11011 Berlin
Fax: + 49 30 227 - 36878 (or - 36979)
E-Mail: mail@bundestag.de

* Prohibition to exercise one's profession by a ban from the public service in professions with a state monopoly (e.g. teachers) on political grounds in violation of the Constitution (more than 10 000 victims since 1972).
** At present, the Christian Democrats (CDU), Liberals (FDP), Greens (Grüne), Social Democrats (SPD) and a newly media-synthesized Social Democratic clone baptized "Left Party" (Linke).