Alliance against Conformity
Alliance against Conformity
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18. July 2024

For topical reasons: Ban on COMPACT!

Censorship in Germany in the era of Left-Right confusion

We wish to protest in the strongest possible terms against the monstrous ban on COMPACT Magazine, COMPACT-TV and the police raids on Jürgen Elsässer and his colleagues, who made use of their right to freedom of speech that is guaranteed in our constitution:

German Basic Law, Art 5 Para 1:
Every person shall have the right freely to express and disseminate his opinions in speech, writing and pictures, and to inform himself without hindrance from generally accessible sources. Freedom of the press and freedom of reporting by means of broadcasts and films shall be guaranteed. There shall be no censorship.

Compare the following official statements for yourself:

1) Press release from the Federal Ministry of the Interior on 16/07/2024:
Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser: "Today I have banned the right-wing extremist "COMPACT-Magazin". It is a central mouthpiece of the right-wing extremist scene. This magazine hounds Jews, people of migrant descent and our parliamentary democracy in an unspeakable way.
Our ban is a heavy blow to the right-wing extremist scene. The ban shows that we are also prepared to go after the ‘intellectual arsonists’ who promote hate and violence against refugees and migrants and aim to overcome our democratic state. Our signal is quite clear: We will not allow the definition of who belongs to Germany and who does not to be defined in ethnic terms. Our constitutional state will protect all those who are exposed to hostility because of their faith, their origin, their colour or their democratic stance.
I would like to thank the security authorities both on a national and federal level for their closely coordinated, consistent measures. I would especially like to thank the emergency forces who have been searching various properties since the early hours of this morning."

2) The German Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb) on the Nazis’ EditorsLaw of 4 October 1933:
“The Editors’ Law, which had already been passed by the cabinet on 4 October 1933 and come into effect on 1 January 1934, changed the work of Germany’s journalists fundamentally. It was the crucial instrument of National Socialist media control - but not the first step.
Soon after the government led by newly appointed Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler came to office on 30 January 1933, the National Socialists began their policy of the enforced conformity of societies, associations and institutions. The aim was to take control of societal life as a whole. This also applied to the media.
In terms of National Socialist policies, one had to "either say a clear yes or a clear no, and this yes or no would not tolerate any ifs or buts", propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels had already said in a speech to foreign press representatives on 6 April 1933. "The intellectual forces of German journalism that commit themselves to a ‘Yes’ can be certain to receive the most cordial of material and non-material support from the government."
The social democratic and hard left-orientated party press of the SPD and KPD had already been banned by the Nazi regime after the Reichstag fire in February 1933. What the National Socialists were still missing was a legal means of dealing with the bourgeois press. This function was fulfilled by the Editors’ Law.” (German Federal Agency for Civic Education on the purpose of historical clarification, 29/12/2018)

“... by their fruits ye shall know them.” (Matthew 7:15-20)

Since our foundation we have always taken inspiration from Voltaire:
“I don't share your point of view, but I will certainly defend to the death your right to express it.”




»Look how close they put their country to our military bases«
Ever since the US had accomplished the downfall of the Soviet Union (by driving the Soviet Union to completely exhaust its economic resources in the arms race) and then, consequently, the breakup of its defence alliance with the Eastern European states, the US government has been relentlessly, though contrary to its promises (but what do they care about what they promised yesterday?) pushing its own military bloc into Eastern Europe with the aim of destroying Russia, the last sovereign state on the globe apart from China, and of chopping it up into vassal states – in short, of completing the first unrestricted world domination in human history.

For this purpose only, NATO has gone through an excessive military buildup since 1990 instead of disappearing together with the Warsaw Pact, in order to form the largest war machine of all times, now consisting of 30 states, with a military budget about twenty times that of Russia: After pocketing the GDR, the »North Atlantic« Pact received the green light from the Biden-led US Senate in 1998 to incorporate Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, then in 2003 to swallow the three Baltic states on Russia’s northern flank, Romania and Bulgaria on its southern flank and Slovakia and Slovenia in the middle section. NATO’s declaration in Bucharest in 2008, enforced by Bush Jr., that it would also incorporate Ukraine and Georgia as member states was already the barely veiled ultimatum that Russia should hand over the Black Sea and tolerate US nuclear missiles and missile interceptors even in its historic heartland (»Little Russia«), which would mean capitulation – the final solution of the Russian question after 13 union republics with 137 million inhabitants had been broken out of the Soviet Union and 14 states had been integrated into NATO.

13 December 2023

We demand the immediate release of Gregorian Bivolaru and his followers !

According to our information, on 28 November 2023 the Rumanian Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru and several dozens of his adherents were assaulted by 175 (!) policemen on their properties near Paris and in Southern France and taken into custody.  If one follows the French fake news, the alleged "victims" – just over twenty – were "freed" because they had allegedly been "abducted", "kidnapped" and, wait for it, "sexually abused".  Believe it our not, there even was "psychological manipulation" – according to the fake news.  The accused are said to be, once again according to the French fake press, leaders and adherents of a "Tantric sect" – this expression can be taken to mean nothing, and consequently everything.  Along these lines, the charges reminiscent of the medieval witch-hunts are: fornication with the devil on the occasion of excessive orgies celebrated at the witches' gathering place.  It should be underlined that none of the alleged "victims" could be pressurized into these abstruse accusations, none of the accused anyway.

We note that these scandalous events are a lousy remake of the persecution inflicted on Bivolaru's religious community in Rumania in 2004 (at that time regularly covered in our magazine KETZERBRIEFE, see Nos. 206, 200, 198, 181, 130, 128, in German language) see also our appeal of March 2017 on this site. All of the smutty charges brought forward at that time have turned out  – often after years of proceedings – to be completely groundless.  Also this time, the only violations of the law committed were those carried out by the State authorities, this time the French ones: abduction, blackmailing and deliberate false accusations.  After the alleged "victims" had not proven to be "cooperative", they were thrown onto the street without their confiscated telephones and money. Well, the Nazis would have kept them in "preventive detention", just like now those falsely accused.

The declaration of the authentic human and civil rights in the wake of the French Revolution had at its core the granting of religious freedom, the religious tolerance in the sense of the great Voltaire.  The immediate result was the Jewish Emancipation after centuries of persecution and humiliation; nor was it any longer allowed and exempt from punishment to cut off the ears of Huguenots and to burn them in public. Obviously, these conditions are to be reintroduced in the "Grande Nation" which more than one hundred years ago declared itself to be a secular state governed by the rule of law.  The basic rights granted in the country's Constitution are not worth a cent if they do not apply to everyone.  For this, the small religious communities – be it the Scientologists, the Sannyasins or those who exercise Yoga – are the touchstone.

We know that the European leaders bred in the cadre training programs of the Soros-Rockefeller Gang, like the French president, do not care a damn about the original human and civil rights.  We have known Mr. Macron as the president of the rubber bullets and the stun grenades since the "Yellow vests" protest movement, as the president of the shot-out eyes and the ripped-off hands. Now, he evidently wants to grow into the Grand Inquisitor.

But we also know that not everybody shares this repulsive level of demonstrative contempt for the democratic rights and human dignity.  It is to them we turn to with our following call:

Protest to the French justice minister and demand the unreserved observance of freedom of opinion and religion, as guaranteed by the French Constitution!

Stop with the persecution of alleged "sects", away with this medieval filth!

Immediate release of Gregorian Bivolaru and his followers!


Please address your protest letters to:

Ministre de la Justice
Mr. Éric Dupond-Moretti
13 Place Vendôme
F–75042 Paris Cedex 01

Please send a copy of your protestletter to us !

12 decembre 2023

Nous exigeons la libération immédiate de Gregorian Bivolaru et de ses adeptes !

Selon les informations dont nous disposons, le 28 novembre 2023, le professeur de yoga roumain Gregorian Bivolaru et plusieurs dizaines de ses adeptes ont été attaqués et placés en garde par 175 (!) policiers dans leurs propriétés près de Paris et dans le sud de la France. Si l'on suit les récits de la presse mensongère française, les prétendues "victimes" - un peu plus d'une vingtaine - ont été "libérées" car elles auraient été à ce qu'on dit "enlevées", "kidnappées" et, dit-on "agressées sexuellement". Il y aurait même eu des "manipulations psychologiques" - selon la presse mensongère. Les accusés seraient - toujours selon la presse mensongère - des personnalités dirigeantes et des membres d'une "secte tantrique" - on n'en peut en général rien s'imaginer, c'est-à-dire tout. Les accusations, qui rappellent les chasses aux sorcières du Moyen-Âge, sont donc les suivantes : fornication avec le véritable diable lors d'orgies excessives sur le Blocksberg. Il est significatif que les prétendues "victimes" n'aient pu être extorquées à aucune de ces accusations abstruses, et les accusés de toute façon non plus.

Nous reconnaissons dans ces événements scandaleux un remake misérable de la persécution de la communauté religieuse de Bivolaru en Roumanie en 2004 (voir nos articles dans les Lettres Hérétiques KETZERBRIEFE n° 206, 200, 198, 181, 130,128 en allemande). Toutes les sales accusations portées à l'époque se sont révélées sans objet - au cours de procès qui ont parfois été traînés pendant des années. Les seules violations de la loi ont été commises aussi maintenant par les autorités de l'Etat, cette fois-ci de la France : Rapt, chantage, fausses accusations mensongères. Les prétendues "victimes" ne s'étant pas montrées "coopératives", ont été jetées à la rue sans les téléphones et l'argent liquide confisqués. Eh bien, les nazis les auraient gardés en "détention préventive", comme maintenant les personnes faussement accusées.

La déclaration des droits authentiques de l'homme et du citoyen, conséquence directe de la Révolution française, consistait au fond en la concession de la liberté religieuse, de la tolérance religieuse dans l'esprit du grand Voltaire ; la conséquence directe était l'émancipation des juifs après des siècles de persécution et d'humiliation, on ne pouvait plus non plus impunément couper les oreilles des huguenots et les brûler en public. Ces conditions doivent manifestement faire leur retour dans la "Grande Nation", qui s'était déclarée il y a plus d'un siècle comme un Etat de droit laïc. Les droits fondamentaux inscrits dans la Constitution du pays ne valent pas un centime d'euro s'ils ne s'appliquent pas à tous. Les petites communautés religieuses - qu'il s'agisse de scientologues, de sanyasins ou de pratiquants de yoga - en sont le banc d'essai.

Nous savons que les partisans européens de la bande Soros/Rockefeller, comme le Président français, se foutent totalement des droits de l'homme et du citoyen originaires. Depuis le mouvement de protestation des "gilets jaunes", nous connaissons M. Macron comme le président des projectiles en caoutchouc et des grenades assourdissantes, comme le président des yeux crevés et des mains arrachées. Il veut désormais manifestement se muer en grand inquisiteur.

Mais nous savons aussi que ce ne sont pas tous qui partagent ce degré répugnant de mépris ostensible pour les droits démocratiques et la dignité humaine. C'est à eux que s'adresse notre appel :

Protestez auprès du ministre français de la Justice et exigez le respect inconditionnel de la liberté d'expression et de religion, comme le prévoit la Constitution française !

Stop à la persécution des prétendues "sectes", mettez fin à cette boue moyenâgeuse !

Libération immédiate de Gregorian Bivolaru et de ses adeptes !

Adressez votre lettre de protestation à :

Ministre de la Justic
Éric Dupond-Moretti
13 Place Vendôme
F - 75042 Paris Cedex 01

Veuillez nous envoyer une copie de votre lettre de protestation.

February 2023

Stalingrad – this time without us!

The Green Foreign Minister and warmonger Baerbock, who has sprung from the elite training centres of the American multi-billionaire George Soros, recently bragged that Germany and Europe are waging war against Russia, which her SPD-boss, who plays the role of the “hesitator” in the ping-pong of the politniks, denied lyingly, but, anyway, this has long been an obvious fact: German tanks are rolling against Russia again, fighter jets are to follow, and German soldiers have been in the frontline state of Ukraine for a long time already, but this time under foreign command, as US vassals. And the billions and billions in war costs have been paid from day one anyway by us, the people, and not by the billionaires and bigwigs.                                           

This is not our war!

Compliance with Article 26 of the Basic Law – no war of aggression from German soil!

As we know, the constitution is worth as much as the people who defends it.(This is also laudably stated in the final sentence at the end of the Greek constitution, but it applies always and everywhere.) You did not defend it, when first Willy Brandt broke the constitution in 1972 with his politically motivated occupational bans (“Berufsverbote”), nor when German money, weapons and soldiers were unconstitutionally used against Yugoslavia (namely under SPD-Schröder and Green-Joschka); Yugoslavia had attacked us as little as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria had. And those were not at all Russian wars but wars of aggression by the USA and their vasalls that have cost far more than six million lives after the Second World War: Koreans, Vietnamese, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians etc.- for “democracy” and “human rights”, isn’t it, as they seem to flourish in those pampered states that use to have hands chopped off, since they have neither bombs nor “N”GOs to fear – whereas not a single dollar was ever paid to the destroyed victim countries for compensation, no US artist was ever bullied into distancing himself, no US citizen was ever expropriated nor US government assets confiscated. And most of you smirked, when the Soviet Union fell, exhausted after the decades of arms race, the Soviet Union, which, despite all Stalinist degeneration had by its mere existence made the standard of living in the Western Bloc possible (showcase of the West), that has been cleared away by now (as well as in its not yet degenerated form the 8-hour day and collective agreements in this country – both of which had not been fought for by means of European strikes but were the result of a panic reaction of the ruling classes of Europe and their consequent mendacious meek and mild attitude).

Russia, too, did not attack Germany, neither did it attack the USA nor any EU- or NATO-state. Apart from launching a defensive strike, which would then affect us Europeans in particular, who as willing US lackeys should not complain then, after all, it is militarily far too weak for that, even if it had wanted to. NATO’s military budget is more than 20 times larger than that of the Russians, even together with China Russia does not even have half the military expenditure of the USA alone. And do you know of a single war of aggression, which is always started by the stronger part, in which the weaker party was not blamed guilty, mendaciously – from radio station Gleiwitz to the Gulf of Tonkin. From the Iraqi “weapons of mass destruction” that, contrary to the USA, did by no means exist there, as everyone knows by now (otherwise Bush would not categorically have stopped the search for them a few days after the occupation of the country in order not to remind people of his lies for too long) just as little as the incubator babies, who were allegedly slammed to the ground by Saddam’s soldiers, both were cold lies, to the analogous Serbian mass rapes and the Libyan Viagra rapists: All this were commissioned lies invented by spin doctors in the service of the US government as in former times by their grateful disciple Goebbels. And today it’s supposed to be the devil Putin (in a straight line back to the “Jewish-Bolchevist World Conspiracy” invented by the above mentioned Dr. Goebbels).

Don’t trust the Fake-News-press blindly anymore!

Without NATO’s advance, which since the end of the Eastern Bloc kept moving closer and closer to the Russian border, encircling Russia further and further, the current war would not only have been over long ago, but it would not even have begun. Until immediately before his “military strike” Putin’s repeated and always rejected offer to the USA and its puppet on a string Selenski was: no further NATO-expansion eastwards, Ukraine remains neutral, i.e. without NATO soldiers, NATO ramps and biomilitary poison breweries, the eastern Ukrainian territories, inhabited almost exclusively by Russians, are granted a status of partial autonomy within Ukraine, Crimea remains Russian according to the overwhelming vote of the 2014 referendum (when Kosovo seceded in the same way, no one moaned about it, and when Slovakia seceded from the Czech Republic, i.e. the eastern part from the western part, nobody cared two hoots about it). Incidentally, what would be the USA’s reaction in case Russia was to form a new military alliance with Mexico and station nuclear missiles there with a five-minute-flight-time to Washington? (To give you a clue: In the early 1960s, when the Soviet Union did just that in Cuba in response to the NATO-stationings in Turkey, which is quite close to Russia, the USA immediately threatened it with a third world war, which was only very narrowly averted by the unilateral withdrawal of the Russians.) In any case, we Europeans could have lived well with Putin’s offer – with Russian oil and gas instead of expensive American or Saudi supplies (at least until the resources will be exhausted worldwide) – the Russians, too, and the overwhelming majority of Ukranians even more so. The latter had voted in elections (even recognised by the OSCE!) for President Yanukovych, who wanted to keep the country loosely tied to Russia, supply it with cheap Russian oil, declaredly did not want to lead it into NATO and rejected the blackmailing association agreement with the EU. But Ukraine was intended to serve as NATO deployment area, which is why the 2014 Maidan coup was staged and financed against him – according to Victoria Nuland by means of 5 billion dollars (which US-billionaire Soros “donated” and then extorted from the EU to refund them to him, don’t forget these facts when someone complains about inflation, for instance!).”Fuck the EU”, she replied when someone asked her about the EU’s interests in this affair, and the same Nuland, who was dismissed from her office in the US State Department during the Trump government and appointed again to the same post under Biden, publicly cheered after the demolition of Nordstream 2, that now it “is a hunk of metal at the bottom of the sea” – cui bono? (By the way, what about the search for the perpetrators? Shouldn’t they be same criminals who mined the ports of Nicaragua because they did not like the election results there, and then, sued at the genuine International Court at Den Haag, publicly declared, that they were shitting on any international law?! See more under and

This war was planned for a long time by the US-monopolists, the Soros/Rockefeller/Gates-gang, Trump, who wanted to prevent it and therefore was defamed and pissed on by their globally synchronised press etc. permanently, was only able to grant the world four years of deferment. Their aim is nothing less than the destruction of Russia as a sovereign state, and everyone knows this, at least secretly, even if he works himself up, in utmost obedience to the press, into all kinds of mental contortions. But not even such a person will ever seriously believe that even the smallest crumb from the Russian (and then from the last, the Chinese) cake will fall for him as a reward for his unquestioning trustfulness, when a “colour revolution” financed with dollars or a coup is staged on Red Square in a bled-out Russia in the often practised US manner and the quisling government installed hereafter (as already under Yeltzin) sells out the country to the US warmongers (as happened in Iraq and Libya).

Germans, Europeans, the peoples of the world, including the US American with the exception of their billionaires have nothing to gain from this, quite to the contrary, their impoverishment and the deprivation of their rights, already pushed forward quite far under the Corona-yoke and the knout of climate change, which is a pack of lies, is to be speedily sealed under totalitarian US world domination.

This is not our war!

Stop all arms supplies to Ukraine!

Immediate negotiations with Russia!

NATO, get out of Ukraine!

We will stand together and discuss with all those, who share this smallest denominator. Do not let yourselves be divided according to the patterns of the state’s smear campaigns – this is the litmus test, that will unmask fraudulent labelling, Schwarzer and Wagenknecht are to be measured against this, too!


Freedom of speech means to say to a man what he does not want to hear. – Meinungsfreiheit bedeutet, jemandem etwas sagen zu können, was er nicht hören will. George Orwell


15 August 2022

Assassination Attempt on Salman Rushdie

On August 13th 2022, the British author Salman Rushdie fell victim to the “fatwa” issued against him 33 years ago, when holding a lecture publicly on stage– a call for murder by the Iranian Ayatollah and then head of state, Khomeini, appeasingly and at the same time mendaciously translated as “legal opinion” by the unisono media (which is not false, taken the strict meaning of the word, but have such “expert opinions” not also been written in the service of the Inquisition and the Nazis concerning Jews and heretics, after all?). The reason given at that time was Rushdie’s novel ‘Satanic Verses’. The assassinator severly injured Rushdie by multiple knife wounds and, most probably, he will lose one of his eyes![1]

The governments of the Western Bloc are responsible for this crime, as they did not send resolute protests against the call for murder and the ban against the ‘Satanic Verses’at that time, as they did not impose sanctions against Iran, which they were so ready to do against Iraq then and against Russia today, as Rushdie was not given the opportunity to defend himself in public, but was smuggled from one hiding place to the other instead for years in a sort of protective custody; as they did not ensure that the‘Satanic Verses’ were translated into as many languages and as quickly as possible and thus made known to a wide public at low cost. Peter Priskil’s work ‘Salman Rushdie – Portrait of a Poet’ published in 1989, remained for many years the only German publication on this issue.

Consequently, since the initial call for murder, there have been and still are numerous more victims of religious fanatics and enemies of the freedom of speech , belly-brushed by a ‘fair’-minded press. We remind of Alaa Hamed, Aziz Nesin and the victims of the Sivas massacre, Taslima Nasrin, Nagib Machfus, Theo van Gogh, Hatun Sürücü, the staff of ‘Charlie Hebdo’ and Mila, to name just a few of them. And what is the reason for this trail of blood, of which we just gave some few examples? The West pampered and continues to pamper Islam, as it is not affected by Enlightenment and thus could and still can be excellently used as a battering ram against the authentic Basic and Human rights, namely those of 1789 (also its enmity against sexuality and its misogyny, stinking as they are, can be exploited to the full after Schwarzer’s and the feminists’ triumph – sex instead of reason –). Back then, the Basic rights were utterly weakened, today they are leveled out in the course of the Corona dictatorship.

Without being able to foresee any details – we are no prophets – we did predict this development.


[1] In an interview in February 2023 he said, he is blind on one eye and severly handicapped in typing due to injury to the left ulnar nerve. He also still is seriously traumatized and has difficulties in writing new texts.

Spring 2022

No War Against Russia!

In February, a fortnight before Russia's attempt to break through the always closer NATO encirclement, we distributed a mass leaflet in Germany (Kein Krieg gegen Rußland!) whose translation you find hereafter. Since then, with German tanks and other weapons worth billions of Euros being poured into the war zone and Ukrainian soldiers being trained on German soil, Germany has in fact become, under the Ramstein-based supreme command of the Biden government, a party to the war. Compared to the deafening anti-Russian propaganda, our voice might be a low one, but it shall bear witness that not all Germans willingly approve of the killing of Russian soldiers and civilians once again by German weapons.

No War Against Russia!

Under the smokescreen of global Corona dictatorship the military noose around Russia’s neck is tightening more and more, the US attack preparations are gradually completed. You will find the details a thousand times more serious and better documented than in the streamlined press with its non-stop agitation and soul massage under


We cannot and do not want to relieve you from this very little search work, but if you should get radioactively contaminated by the highly justified Russian resistance against willing aggressors, you will at least not die as a gullible victim of unisono lies and suggestions. (Something that also happened during the first two world wars already millions of times; the fake-news-press did exist at that time already, but outside the Third Reich not yet with a complete monopoly.)

One thing distinguishes the impending 3rd (and last) World War from the 1st and the 2nd World War in quite a weird way: Everybody knows it is impending, but everybody evades the topic. As for the two first world wars, the situation was different: they were generally discussed everywhere and on both sides, often in an excited way, but never the topic was evaded. For, according to the state of technology of the time, war made mass mobilization necessary. Now everybody keeps silent obediently, well knowing, that the rulers of the Western Bloc do not like the topic being discussed and waits, whether the nuclear warheads will be fired or, will in the end, even be fired back, justifiedly but to his annoyance. Therefore he ducks his head, stops thinking and knuckles down, but rather insidiously than anxiously.

The pretext for the attack on Russia is the fact that the Russian half of the Ukraine arbitrarily expanded by Khryshev, i.e. the Orthodox part, does not want to be slaughtered and forcibly assimilated by the other half loyal to the Pope. How this works could be observed after the Maidan coup in the western half of the Ukraine, as much as our unisono press of course concealed or played down the huge massacres that immediately began there. It is only natural that the Orthodox or, according to the dialect, Russian part does not want to put up with this without defence and is therefore striving for pre-Khryshev conditions, but according to the fake-news-press this is said to be something very wicked.

Allegedly, there are two separate nations in Ukraine, just as in Czechoslovakia, which was also divided over the issue; in reality Russian and “Ukranian” differ less than standard German and “Swiss German” or “Low German”, and the same is true of Czech and “Slovakian”. Actually, there are two different religious denominations; in the one case the Czechs, initially Protestant, quite enlightened despite forced Catholicisation under Habsburgs’ reign and industrialised at an early stage and the Slovaks, who remained arch-Catholic during long and dull centuries in bondage, whose spiritual leader Tiso, a vassal head of state of the Third Reich, Hitler expressly recommended to his SS as a model for the speedy “final solution of the Jewish question”, and quite rightly so in his sense. Analogously, the western part of Ukraine is hostile towards its Russian Orthodox minority and even more so to its eastern neighbours, since it was successfully forcibly Catholicised (more precisely turned into a Catholic-Orthodox [“Unitarian”] but Pope-loyal hermaphrodite) a few centuries ago by the Polish army, which had taken advantage of Russia’s weakness after the death of Ivan the Terrible. The result was, among other things, the opera “Boris Godunov”, read the libretto.

In more enlightened times, religious differences, which nevertheless remained highly effective in predominantly agricultural corners of the world, began to be hidden behind “national” distinctions and, to this end, even the most meagre differences in dialect were grasped. (We were all able to observe this very concretely a short time ago with the break-up of Yugoslavia by NATO; even the “Serbo-Croatian language” is officially no longer allowed to exist there.) But: When shortly after the destruction of the Eastern Bloc Slovakia seceded from the Czech side, no rooster in the media crowed about it, no one cried out for subjugation or extermination of the part wishing to secede. Why should this be at all costs different with Ukraine, whose eastern part, so recently artificially sewn to the western part (it had been a stupid idea to loosen up the compactness of a dullely Catholic peasantry, most strongely and aggressively inclined to Hitler during the Second World War, by means of an advanced industrial district, however Russian to the bones), has even better reasons to break away from the pro-Papalist half?! What was that again about the “right of self-determination of peoples”, which otherwise, when it can harm Russia or China, is crowed out by the same media all the time? (Uighurs, Chechens, Balts…) Is there anything more decent than the correctly held referendums of. e.g. Upper Silesia after World War I, Ödenburg/Sopron on the same occasion, the Saarland or, actually, the Crimea? Why should referendums on national affiliation be the noblest human right in one case and the most forbidden work of the devil in the other? What a disgraceful and disgusting propaganda … Instead, the rule must be: Africa to the Africans, Russia to the Russians! Even if that doesn’t suit Mr. Gates, Rockefeller and Soros, who want it for themselves, just like in the Second World War, which broke out exactly because (Poland was intended by both sides as a deployment area) German as well as British big business wanted Russia and therefore “appeasement” was over, since both robbers were jealous of each other’s booty.

Should we, although it would serve the cowardly majority right, let ourselves be contaminated radioactively for the advantage of this insatiable gang? And, irrespective of this in a way selfish thought, is it not a gigantic obscenity to help and assist to this vile goal of insatiable US greed mongers, who are just now following in Hitler’s footsteps eastwards?



And think about who had the benefit from the Corona dictatorship, which so facilitates for instance electoral fraud and thus wars of aggression …

(1) This text, which only exists in German language, contains a condensed summary of the history and background of the present military conflict purposefully provoked by NATO's aggressive stance against Russia in the past decades.


Freedom of speech means to say to a man what he does not want to hear. – Meinungsfreiheit bedeutet, jemandem etwas sagen zu können, was er nicht hören will. George Orwell

Leaflet in pdf format

July 2021

Six words must be restored:
»enormous numbers of deaths and

For we »owe« the whole corona regime to the deletion of these words, at least »legally«. After long and inconspicuous preparations behind the scenes, Bill Gates, who, together with some other US billionaires, has the WHO in his grip (as a matter of fact, it is not the nations of the world but these billionaires who are financing 80% of the WHO budget with huge sums, which they otherwise would have to pay as ordinary taxes – did you know that?!), took care that this inflation of the term »epidemic« was sanctioned on his »Event 201« on October 18th 2019, and since then we have the Corona dictatorship. Of course, he did not act as an individual who wanted to make some extra profits at the expense of the rest of mankind – this would be impossible, the idea childish – but as a representative of the US megacapital (of the »four hundred families«) which, supported by an invincible military machinery, holds the largest part of the world firmly in its clutches, and with an interruption of only four years, also the US government. (This is also the reason, for instance, why the US tax laws are the only ones in the world that for centuries already allow the owners of the country’s megacapital, and only them, to decide for themselves almost unrestrictedly what their tax money is used for.) For this ruling class, the achievements of the – substantially European – workers’ movement (vacations, car, kitchen appliances, proper medical care and therefore, how dreadful!, high life expectancy not only for billionaires) always have been and still are a thorn in the flesh since their beginnings, and this and only this is the reason for the worldwide corona dictatorship. (This achieved standard of living, however, could only be kept up and extended to impoverished countries after a few generations of one-child-families on a global scale; but: contrary to all propaganda nothing would be easier than that. A tenth of all the fuss and constraints of the corona regime would suffice for that, and this would work really well and very quickly. AIDS, too, could have been irretrievably eradicated pretty fast, just like the smallpox, with one hundredth of the testing that is currently done, and as far as birth control is concerned, for this is what reality has proven, it would be enough simply not to hamper it and to stop all birth propaganda and motherhood campaigns.)

Of course, according to the megacapital’s wishes, this should not happen, good life should be reserved to the happy few, and as all kinds of media are completely in their hands, they are therefore hammering boundless renunciation into our heads instead of lowering the birth rate to half until, after a few generations, the only planet we have will be noticeably relieved and conditions are achieved again for a life worth living for the masses instead of only for billionaires. (Adolf with his Mother crosses pursued the same sinister goal of overpopulation for the same reasons at his time, but for the best of the big capitalists of his own, relatively small country that were still independent at that time.) That is the reason for this harsh corona dictatorship with all its lies, all this yapping and persecution of the free and rational word, for example of the few doctors who withstand the forced conformity. They risk almost as much as if they had clearly named the inconsistencies of anti-Semitism during the 3rd Reich. That is why it happens so rarely.

Since it existed, the WHO had always defined a worldwide epidemic – nothing else is meant by the word »pandemic« – exactly the way every person and doctor in the whole world did since the »Black Death« in the Middle Ages: a spreading contagious disease which mostly leads to death or otherwise in the majority of cases to serious permanent damages. (The WHO text that disappeared on May 4th 2009 read: »with enormous numbers of death and illness« [1]) That is the reason why influenza epidemics have never been fought with totalitarian measures, even though without vaccination they caused considerably more deaths than the new, quite similar corona virus ever did (and, of course, corona causes deaths almost exclusively amongst the elderly or seriously chronically ill). By the way, even the »corona drama« could be over with the existence of the vaccine at the very latest, which is why its use is dragged on in such a scandalous way and why such an absurd »fuss and bother« is made about it. And also this fuss, the bait that is obviously swallowed by a tremendous mass of »useful idiots«, is built up and coordinated by the US megacapital, of course under the lead of one of its private »foundations«. In Germany it is Reiner Füllmich, the experienced destroyer of competitors of US-American companies (VW and Deutsche Bank), who is directing this, using a rather rude language.

This is also why the respective numbers of corona cases and deaths are unscrupulously faked to appear much higher than they really are, why doctors are put under pressure in order to record false causes of death of old-age-homes’ inhabitants, and many other things. The highly official Institute for Forensic Medicine of the University Hospital in Hamburg-Eppendorf, certainly not infiltrated by us, stated, for instance, that 99% of the alleged Corona deaths in their district had died due to other causes – that says it all!

So, even though all past influenza epidemics had cost much more deaths than the artificially inflated new corona epidemic, the top officials at the WHO did not consider changing their definition of pandemic up to the 4th of May 2009 – as long as the Eastern Bloc had been there and hence US world domination not yet totally strangulating, this would have meant to score an own goal, no matter how influential the US megacapital had already been at the WHO at that time. But shortly after the end of the Eastern Bloc the preparations began, starting on the basis of imaginary terrorists (»in case some terrorists could smuggle in bacteria, what shall we do then?« – in the end, the initiators of the »study« became the »terrorists« themselves in a way) who or whose respective attacks on people’s health were to be fought virtually by the respective department of Johns Hopkins University, notorious for its complete dependence on big business, while simultaneously under the shadow of this pretext the WHO established the commanding structures by which we are now enslaved and blathered down (in a similar way to newly conquered and forcibly christened Teuton or Slav tribes in the early Middle Ages during that christianization, without which serfdom could never have been established by their new feudal lords). This also is the reason why the WHO definition of the term »pandemic«, self-explanatory up to then, disappeared without trace from the internet in 2009, just like a newspaper report that must not be remembered in Orwell’s state of »1984«. Only on the website of the German Robert Koch Institute, most reliably tied to US supremacy since the annexation of Eastern Germany and therefore especially »official«, one can (could?) still find an echo of the now denied reality: »The WHO points out that even a pandemic virus that causes predominantly comparatively mild symptoms in otherwise healthy persons might overstrain the health systems of a state due to the high number of ill persons in a limited (!) period of time …« (WHO, May 11th 2009; actually the quoted words in italics are a variation used in the German and other vasall states. In the original text of the WHO the words »with enormous numbers of death and illness«, self-evident for decades, were simply deleted after May 4th, 2009). So this is the reason for the fake pictures of overcrowded intensive care units, shown later on, whereas in reality these intensive care units were empty most of the time… well prepared!


Only real epidemics justify emergency measures.

But without the disempowerment of feudality the Christian terror with its millions of victims – »heretics«, »witches«, Jews, Manicheans – could not have been stopped, and without removing the US megacapital from power – »Drain the swamp!« as the brave class defector Trump called it – also the present and the only just starting global terror of the US megacapital (respectively of its imperialist main faction that is orientated towards capital export and thus towards impoverishment and breaking the people’s resistance also in their own country) will not take an end.

But to understand the mechanisms can be the beginning of it. Those in power and their servants know that very well, and we too should allow ourselves their cleverness.



[1] Obviously this would have been true for AIDS, but as its mode of spreading is more specific compared to the plague, smallpox or cholera, the effective fight against it on the basis of the existing laws on infectious disease was suppressed for reasons easy to guess. At that point, not earlier, the beneficiaries and oppressors of mankind »got the hang of it«, i.e. they understood what a psychologically advantageous instrument for destroying the achievements of the people was to be found in the field of health and illness, as it allowed – counting on the sluggish and fearful majority – to hide behind »nature« instead of exercising tyranny on merely political or religious grounds.


Freedom of speech means to say to a man what he does not want to hear. – Meinungsfreiheit bedeutet, jemandem etwas sagen zu können, was er nicht hören will. George Orwell

Leaflet in pdf format

May 2020

Trump and Corona

As President Trump will never be able to please the press, which is firmly in the hands of his enemies, he also won't be in terms of the Corona epidemic. The only question is what he could have and should have done at all. (And anybody else in his place, if actually only the fight against a mostly harmless virus, which barely can't be prevented from spreading, is at stake. With its ways of transmission and degree of seriousness being very similar to the more virulent types of the Influenza virus, it can indeed be fatal to people with pre-existing diseases; summing up these deaths provides impressive absolute numbers, however these are a big lot smaller than the ones caused by AIDS.)

Trump’s popularity, which impressively defies the daily slanderous campaigns of the mega-capital, is based on an obvious and simple double strategy that effectively hinders wage cuts inside the USA by means of capital export into low-wage countries: protective duties and prevention of great numbers of unfair competitors entering the country and the labour market (this works in a country with a huge domestic market and lots of resources). For the Chinese as well as US-Americans have learned the appropriate use of the contraceptive pill by now, but Latinos not yet. There are two ways to wage cuts (no matter if by cuts without inflation or by inflation with nominally constant wages): either misery goes to capital or capital goes to misery. The first and most comfortable method is the import of cheap workers (“migrants”), the second, a little less comfortable, is the export of capital. As Trump immediately did whatever he could in order to block the first way, there was a huge and shrill clamour of the press, synchronized across three quarters of the landmass of this planet as it is under the control of the US mega-capital; such a shrill and continuous shrieking hadn't been observed before, except perhaps after the founding of the new Soviet Union. (Because the latter soon got unattractive due to devastation by hostile armies and then degenerated – having to bear the subsequent overload of defence and the lead weight of inherited backwardness – the slanderous campaigns against Trump remained more dogged and incessant, as far as I can compare newspapers of the capitalist camp today and back then.) But Trump also put a damper on capital export by means of protective duties, to the benefit of the US-American working class: With production facilities that cost the same in the US and abroad, Rockefeller, Pew and whatever their names may be could offer goods more cheaply and with a higher profit than those produced in the US because they were manufactured in countries where workers' wages and life expectancy are smaller than in the US. But now, this profit is eaten up by higher duties, perhaps even a little bit more of it, and thus shrinked the inclination to export capital and produce unemployment and wage cuts in the USA. Grrr... scream... shriek; but the US working class was obliged to this president, who, for the first time in the history of their country, did belong to its ruling class (although as a newcomer), but still did not share its unlimited greediness and planned to keep it on a tight rein like a second Gaius Gracchus. And he didn't do so because he wanted to lure them into a war that would again only benefit this very ruling class, and after whose victorious end any New Deal could be left to gentle erosion again, but because he was disgusted at the planned and already visible pauperization of his citizens, the levelling down of the whole world and therefore without any leniency also of the USA according to the model of imperialism in Late Antiquity. And he did so without consideration of race, which black and yellow people of his country notice and therefore support him. (What is the point for a black man, if the existence of his race and that of any other as well is denied obtrusively and noisily, but in the end he has to play the role of the nigger anyway?!) In spite of all the daily propaganda, many US-Americans have learned that or at least felt it, i.e. people who are not part of the ruling class nor serve it. This honours them and makes a favourable difference between them and those bootlicking shit-gobblers of Europe (analogously to the quite similar Greeks at the time of the Roman Imperial Period), but of course they remain shaky due to lack of education and consciousness and they have to withstand the daily drumfire of propaganda. Trump’s third and utmost merit is one that he mustn't shout from the rooftops: He has stopped the war against Russia, which Brzezinski actively had aimed at and Obama already had prepared for – almost up to the point of opening the attack via Ukraïnia. (This corresponds to Trump's ideal of independent capitalistic states instead of a world crawling with people pauperized by a single, infinitely greedy monopolistic capital, and being as tied to blocks of flats and mobile phone surveillance as the serfs were to the domain during the Middle Ages.) Without him, we Central Europeans would perhaps have long been dead due to nuclear radiation from the last missiles from an assassinated Russia, which couldn’t reach the well protected primary aggressor with them anymore, but at least his Quislings who had surrendered their countries and their inhabitants as a deployment zone for this attack and had sacrificed them to the greed of the Soros-Rockefeller-Gang. If Trump had admitted this greatest merit of his, he would have become a sort of traitor in the eyes of the masses even of his voters, but especially of his army – because of the engrained anti-communism of his whole country as well as because of giving up on “its” conquests that were almost within reach (in reality of course only for its ruling class) – just in the way it would have happened to an otherwise popular critic of church and dogmas during the Middle Ages, in case he had denied the status of the Jews as a “cursed race”, which was engrained by the media monopoly of that very church at that very time.

This is why Trump grotesquely has praised himself by his court chronologists quite truly as a saviour of his country from an atomic war, but definitely not a war that this very country was just about to start against Russia (in the last month of his rule, Obama quite openly and directly threatened Russia with a nuclear attack after Aleppo had been liberated at last, i.e. in case they pursued the islamistic gangs of cutthroats whom he himself had ordered to be planted in and armed) but – from a war that the tiny and strangled North Korea, devastated by US bombs since long ago, had allegedly planned to start against the poor and pitiable USA! Anyway... This is also the context in which we have to understand Trump’s really very hideous policy against Venezuela and Cuba – in a savagely anticommunist country one’s own anticommunist image must not get damaged.

These are the pillars on which the people’s support for Trump against the Soros-Rockefeller-Gang is based, this is the solid foundation that serves as the foil for the working people (in contrast to those who serve their masters in an unproductive way) to see the difference between Trump’s sincerity and the lies of the press, its fuming and foaming. Unfortunately, on the one hand this ability seldom shows in a sufficiently conscious way and therefore remains endangered, on the other hand the area supported by these pillars also seems to mark Trump’s limits. For he doesn't seem to manage the unexpectedly emerged Corona problem very well.

Doubtlessly, the US mega-capital neither could bring about the development or the outbreak of the new virus nor determine their point of time. But it was a gift from heaven: now the moment had come to show the people of all industrial states and holiday destinations how they had to live in the future. (What purring susurrations we heard and keep hearing concerning AIDS, which liberties by no means “could” be restricted; ha, ha! Perhaps even retracing chains of infection, which is hardly manageable for Corona but actually quite easy in case of AIDS, etc.!) And this moment did by no means strike the US mega-capital unexpectedly: since SARS “people” had prepared themselves (under the direction of Bill Gates) to utilize an influenza-like epidemic for their own plans without having to create and deify a Greta, e.g. the breakdown of the worldwide network of air traffic for John Public, etc. etc.

Was the whole, very rapid spread of Corona out of China really merely natural? Was the WHO really not in the position to initiate measures against it more quickly? By all means, they are quite dependent on the Soros-Rockefeller-Gang. But these questions cannot be answered by an individual’s means; this Gang might really just have been lucky, especially concerning the point in time (just like Grynszpan’s assault in Paris was useful for the ruling Nazis, and which they doubtlessly neither ordered nor could have foreseen; but they immediately made perfect use of it, which makes it probable that they had already thought about the possibility of this scenario before). In any case, the new virus with its low lethality but high infectiousness all at once had spread rather simultaneously across all industrial states, and obviously had spread so widely that no local focus could be isolated anymore (the method by which the Chinese years ago had been able to get SARS under control and eradicate it in short time). One of these states were the “United”.

What can you do in such a situation, whether your name is Donald Trump or any other? There are only two options:

Either you degrade your citizens to progressively impoverishing prisoners without any rights for an unknown period of time (e.g. until a vaccination is available), that is you take extreme measures by which you will be able to stabilize the rate of infections or bring it asymptotically (i.e. after an infinite period of time) to zero in case these measures can be kept up with iron duress; or you apply more rigorous measures of isolation to the mostly endangered almost one percent of the population, i.e. the very old and people with serious pre-existing diseases (or you allow them to choose between isolation and taking this serious risk, a thought that already seems strange in times of Neototalitarianism) and apart from that let nature take its course. This means that many people will have to stay in bed for a short while, quite like in the case of influenza, among them very few children (as nearly all of them will develop practically no symptoms because of their good immune system and rather will acquire immunity against Corona resp. a boosted resistance), but also that a small number of infected people who are not part of a protected risk group will die. In the long run it will be about the same number as the one resulting from the extreme measures, but in the beginning it will be a few more. But on the other hand, under those radical measures, conditions will remain unchanged for an infinite period of time, in any case as long as there is no vaccination at hand, whereas concerning the second alternative the situation improves from month to month, as natural immunization and the amount of resistance increase and as a result the percentage of infectious persons will decrease. (The process is called “herd immunity”.) This is the way Sweden takes courageously and so successfully that the watchful reader of the daily propaganda roaring can notice that the propagandists have a hard time grumbling. (Only thanks to Sweden the previously concealed term “herd immunity” suddenly appeared in the meticulously controlled “media” and then became an argument in public discussion, although it is such an obvious one.) Trump cannot take this course because of the electoral campaign.

And in contrast to the propaganda, but on the basis of logic there is no middle course between these alternatives. The high infectivity, the unremarkable harmlessness of the disease up to the complete absence of symptoms during the silent process of immunization in the majority of infected individuals (whose number therefore cannot be determined without daily total mass screening, and this couldn't be realized even with the most extreme radicality) and the vast spreading that has already taken place make it as impossible to eradicate the virus, even by means of most ruthless radicality, as to eradicate influenza. The “relaxations”, once and again announced with siren songs for dumb Tantalusses, would just lead to an increasing infection rate again if put into practice (or otherwise would be restricted to loudly praised trifles of utmost insignificance), then the return to radicality would follow, and so on without an end. (All this of course under the precondition that a vaccine is not available, and it will [and obviously shall] be a long time coming (1), otherwise its production progress would be the hot topic of the day.)

Those are the facts; the idea to free recovered and therefore no longer infectious persons from the status of prisoners was very good (that's why it came from the AfD party [Alternative for Germany, a so-called rightist oppositional party with about 15% of votes] but, significantly enough, was neither promoted actively by its top ranks nor supported by the whole party as such), it would also improve the situation step by step (and is therefore ignored, if necessary attacked), but neither quickly nor substantially. There is no other way. After all there are only the above-mentioned two alternatives, no matter which details are emphasized or withheld.

It is to be very much supposed, that Trump, this enemy of a scary prison economy which benefits only very few fabulously rich invisible persons, would prefer the second alternative. But in this case a most fatal mechanism against him would start, based on the following: On the one hand, all important means of communication are in the hands of his (and mankind's) enemies, i.e. in those of the US mega-capital, which also practically controls all materials essential for livelihood in those about three quarters of the world that they rule by the help of local Quisling governments. On the other hand there is a fundamental human weakness, which only could be eradicated or at least substantially reduced by a thorough mass vaccination of the intellectual kind, namely in schools: the inclination to favour sensory perception above logic, to let oneself be impressed by absolute numbers instead of percentages resp. rates, to suppose that matters that are arranged in a certain way (and therefore are perceived as such) actually have to be this way. It is this fact that Engels so appropriately exposed as the insufficiency of “common sense”, which dislikes to accept that water consists of two flammable gases and nothing else, unless an authority urges it to do so, whereby nothing, at least nothing positive, would be gained.

We don’t know whether Trump could or would phrase it this way; but he realizes the (given the existing distribution of power) unavoidable consequence of this present dilemma – to realize this, his outstanding intelligence is sufficient also without a degree of psychology.

For had Trump decided to proceed according to alternative b, every single Corona death would have been slapped into his the face from the very beginning – and exactly that actually happened nevertheless (Trump's New York “death clock”, you may know this Democratic propaganda device), because he was looking for a middle course between extreme radicality and a more moderate approach, which just doesn't work at all. Because then you will have a higher infection rate than in the prison countries (at least in the beginning and especially compared to China, which also launched radical measures, but at a point in time when they still seemed promising – for this of course China was blamed just again, as it is not yet bent under the yoke of the Soros-Rockefeller-Gang and can therefore never please their press), without having a moderate, internationally restricted but nevertheless noticeable freedom as a counterweight in contrast to alternative a. But because Trump then inevitably would have been blamed for the allegedly so easily avoidable death cases, he could take this way even less – and on the background of this contrast he would have been even easier to blame than if he only had hesitated to launch extreme measures.

It is also possible that he did not see through the strategy of the WHO in good time. Instead of starting the radical measures instantly and thoroughly, which might have led to success, the WHO launched them slowly and therefore hopelessly too late to achieve the alleged purpose, but it created a depressing and paralysing atmosphere. Perhaps he did not understand it at all. In this direction points the (internationally barely mentioned) criticism of the WHO by the Australian government, that praises itself to have kept the infection rate in its country unusually low by refusing to launch radical measures only slowly – a criticism that shows that Trump’s rebuke of the WHO was right and makes us sit up and take notice – who gave the WHO this apparently stupid idea which eliminates freedom but not the virus? (As we said above, it could only be eliminated under conditions that no longer exist, as it has spread too far; but launching the freedom-killing radical measures very quickly, as Australia did, at least keeps the infection rate exceptionally low and therefore also the absolute number of death cases – a propagandistically valuable asset in the bargain. For the anti-freedom-propaganda this reduction in the number of death cases is of no importance though, because five or six death cases can be used propagandistically as well and loudly as five or six thousand given the above-mentioned cognitive weakness of mankind; but at least numerous death cases could have really been avoided by applying the same procedure, which was supposed to be its aim. And in the long run, in case the measures had been applied in this way worldwide, even the eradication of the virus would actually have been possible as soon as the vaccination became available – as it was possible for the smallpox –, if virus eradication had been the aim at all (and not a cheap version of mankind without holiday travels, let alone by air, and a few heirs of mega fortunes above the ugly crawling masses).

As President Trump criticised the WHO, the synchronized press naturally comes to its defence: at this early point in time, when radical suppressive measures would still have been useful at least concerning the purported aim, the WHO allegedly didn't have enough information yet about the spreading of the Corona virus, which of course the bad bad bad Chinese authorities were to blame for.

Again, the Lügenpresse lives up to their nickname’s reputation: at this very point in time, I already feared for a week for Chinese friends that I expected at the airport, dreading they might eventually be put in quarantine for two weeks. (Nothing of that kind happened, measures were taken only about another week later, at a point in time when they could only figure as a depressing Punch and Judy show.) If I am able to understand these matters on the basis of the plain news, the WHO is even more so. You don’t have to be an educated and practising virologist to predict the development of virus spreading when you know the way of infection, and neither a WHO-apparatchik.

But if the radical measures, that later on were forced upon people, had been instituted at a moment when they could have been passably successful (namely in the EU- and other industrial states), the buffer of cognitive dissonance reduction in the people would not have been sufficient; it had to be built up first. At that moment, launching radical measures would have required rational reasons and arguments in the form of proper calculations, which was to be avoided in favour of an uncritical, dumb will to obey or an unreasonable rebellion which can be easily discredited (for the aim was by no means to fight an epidemic but to fight holidays and to lower the standards of living; Corona only was a welcome tool).

This explains the only ostensible “sluggishness” and the subsequently only feigned headless panic and hyper-radicality of the WHO and their “recommendations”.

Just go through the whole matter and apply minimalism of hypotheses; the alternative hypothesis, saying that all the staff of the huge WHO-apparatus were sleepyheads and blockheads unable to calculate, needs much more additional assumptions, whereas their considerable dependence, in any case the massive suggestibility from the side of the Soros-Rockefeller-Gang, is not an assumption but can positively be seen from the publicly available budget data. The fact that this calculation is forbidden and ill-reputed doesn't mean that it cannot be done, in the same way as it was forbidden and ill-reputed to ask during the Middle Ages whether the known facts about reality really made the assumption of a cosmic supreme ape or super-human likely (a question that Emperor Frederic IInd actually posed, whereupon he only received very silly answers from the top scholars of his times, the still most tolerable one coming from a Jewish scholar; Christs and Muslims just answered menacing rubbish). Indeed, we are on the way to new Middle Ages again, in the last instance because of the decline of the productive powers due to exhaustion of resources and the promotion of overpopulation. This will even increase the consequences of the first, against which there is no cure on the technical field: only the tabooed birth control could help passably, if it would be promoted just with a tenth of the vigour as the alleged anti-Corona-measures, although they produce a thousand times more restrictions but in turn a thousand times less benefit, at least for 99,99% of mankind. Instead, the fussy “Coronaries” are an important transition stage towards theNew Middle Ages – even much, much more than the recent and globally synchronized Greta-bullshit that was pouring down on us as dense as hail.

We do not know how clearly Trump is aware of this context; but he scents it and tries to steer in the opposite direction, but in the end he cannot – for the press, firmly in his enemies' grip, can – eventually! – spoil his shaky re-election by screaming out every single Corona-victim. And so we Europeans, sold off by our Quisling’s governments to the US mega-capital, might soon be killed and irradiated in order to achieve the subjugation of the rest of Russia under the control of the latter, as a well-deserved punishment for our services to the aggressor...

In this situation it is foolish by Cuba and Venezuela to attack Trump because of his moderate attitude concerning the (alleged) anti-Corona-measures, just because this attack – which is closely linked to the totally justified demand for lifting the swinish trade embargos and stopping the military provocations against these weak states, i.e. this ugly stain on Trump’s otherwise so clean slate – appears to be propagandistically opportune at the moment, as the US mega-capital that wishes to bring Trump down silently approves of it.

On top of that, an embargo to e.g. Cuba on face masks (which have more propagandistic than medical value) or similar things is of much less damage than one on cytostatic drugs or comparable highly efficient medical supplies. This has already caused a great number of extremely dreadful and long-drawn ways of death. Furthermore, it has more cruel than military effects, analogously to the
bombing of civil Dresden. (However, a blockade of finally available anti-Corona-vaccines would be just as mean; in case they came from e.g. China a blockade would be quite plausible and then especially vile. But let’s wait and see, whether they wouldn't be blocked for us as well – presented with some sugarcoating in a similar way as they did it at least for years with the AIDS-Home-Tests, which make life so much easier.)

But opportunism, this close relative to lie, is a bad ally for weak people; Cuba and Venezuela as well as any supporters of their certainly just case will be ill advised to jump on a train – even in admittedly great hardship – that is steered secretly by the US mega-capital. We can only hope, that Trump will survive this attack, too. The US-American people, which already has begun to reject the newly enforced regime now, can be here as always his decisive support. Hopefully he will not fall into one of the numerous traps put up for him.

Fritz Erik Hoevels


(1) In these days (22nd April) a German institute announced that it was developing a vaccine that might be applicable “already this year”. Let’s wait and see... someone who very often lies, e.g. clearly concerning the vaccine against AIDS, shouldn't be trusted too much. This vaccine had been promised within the first two AIDS-years, however its development was and remains to be impossible (in contrast to one against Corona), as any even scarcely informed person knew very well at that time. But what’s really interesting about this story is the fact that we are only told about a German institute – Germany ahead, would be nice for Germans and other Europeans, but are Americans and Chinese such sleepyheads indeed?! About their progress in this field we hear decidedly less, up until now nothing at all... And Japan too disposes of quite a remarkable level of medical technology, as well as some of our direct neighbours – it is very well known that a French scientist developed the AIDS-ELISA and not a certain thievish American, although the latter was hard on the Frenchman’s heels already...


Freedom of speech means to say to a man what he does not want to hear. – Meinungsfreiheit bedeutet, jemandem etwas sagen zu können, was er nicht hören will. George Orwell

Leaflet in pdf format

4 April 2020

Save Citizens, not Banks!

Forced on by means of a »de facto coup d’état«, the medically absurd »Corona crisis« – about which people learn by and by that its lethality is smaller than the one of the common influenza and that it is actually only dangerous for elderly people and those with pre-existing diseases – leads first of all to a tremendous demise of restaurants and pubs (i.e. the last remaining opportunities for communication) as well as of small and middle-class enterprises. To know this, you do not need to wait for those »wise experts for economic affairs« whose oracular utterances now appear everywhere in our »fighting-for-truth« press assuring that matters will get better again, some time, for sure ! Millions of enterprises already had to give notice of short-time work, which is ruinous already after a few months, or had to close down on state order as all retail shops except grocery stores and drugstores. Who does not know some hairdresser, innkeeper or retailer now on the verge of ruin or already bankrupt because they could not put aside any savings ? And in view of this gigantic mass pauperisation, with millions of people economically ruined, you are put off with threats and cynical statements day by day that might be summed up as follows: Stay at home, shut up, be a good guy and denounce others for all you are worth.

Don’t let them take you for a fool: Those who need the money to survive shall not get it or only too late. They are to be lured into a debt trap (even loans at 0% interest have to be paid back some time !), and all this is nonetheless praised by its very inventors bombastically and falsely as »government support«. When we look at the worldwide strangulation of freedom of movement by the threat of ruinous punishments (up to 1000 Euro for more than two persons meeting in public, and up to 25 000 Euro for larger meetings) or by police clubs like in India or Spain, what a cynicism it is having Merkel blathering about »embassies not being travel agencies« ? How perfidious is it to make necessary goods artificially scarce, to create a panic with the help of the fake news media and then mock at hoarders or wag the admonitory finger against them in that same media ? Workers and employees are held on starvation rations while the accompanying cynicism reads »short-time work is as popular as it never was before«. And at the same time, the fate of those poor homeless people, who certainly are to be pitied, is dwelled on excessively amid floods of crocodile tears – but why then does the government actively produce lots and lots more of them ? Big enterprises are cancelling the rents for their branch establishments – and people who are not able to pay their rent anymore because of unemployment or short-time work will also drag, headlong with them, small real estate owners into the abyss, who had worked hard all their lifetime for this property. And all this is to the advantage of future modern big landowners who will grab those real estates for peanuts and bleed their serfs of forcibly indebted workers and former owners of small enterprises. But, as a beaten dog, don’t forget until the next dismissal: be a good guy, stay at home, wash your hands regularly and while doing so, sing ›Happy birthday‹ twice, as it is shown threateningly on the wall bills now ! The sole demand on those responsible can therefore only be:

Save Citizens, not Banks !

Tax money not for false refugees (the only ones that are still allowed to cross borders by now; tourists are left in the lurch with cynical remarks and even left to book further flights in good faith !), but tax money to the benefit of those who paid them, for the own people !

And another thing: Now, as people realize by and by that the »new type« of the sniffles is even less fatal than the common influenza (the Chinese actually could not know that when the infectous disease was beginning to spread, and therefore their harsh restrictions of leaving one’s house had been justified but were also lifted again as soon as possible), even the omnipresent TV-virologist emphasizes what we had stressed from the very start: The necessity of applying the already developed vaccines as quickly as possible for mass vaccination. (But as long as the vaccine is not yet available in large amounts, the »herd immunity«, well-tried for many decades, should not be impeded. Sweden and Byelorussia are the last states that practise this in an exemplary manner, obviously unimpressed by WHO-extortions, apologies, »-recommendations«). Nevertheless the Robert-Koch-Institute »advises« pathologists all at once to NOT perform autopsies anymore, as the aerosols could be so very infectious – what a bullshit; tuberculosis, for instance, has never been a problem for pathologists ! And don’t forget: In the case of AIDS, that is of a virus fatal to all those infected (!) sooner or later, not even the usual measures of epidemic control had been launched, although during the first years the virus could have been eradicated very easily with few restrictions solely for the few pitiable victims and without any consequences for the rest of the population !

As background information, we are referring to a historical predecessor of the present global measures of suppression. The parallels and the mechanisms of enforcing them are indeed astounding:

Then the Reichstag fire, today Corona

»The Articles 114, 115, 117, 118, 123, 124 and 153 of the Constitution of the German Reich are suspended until further notice. Therefore restrictions of individual freedom, of the freedom of expression including the freedom of the press, the freedom of association and assembly, interferences with the privacy of correspondence, posts, telegraph and telephone communication, orders of house searches and seizures as well as restrictions on property are permissible also beyond the legal limitations defined in these Articles.«

This is the wording of article one of the »Decree for the Protection of People and State« issued on February 28th 1933 by the President of the German Reich, Hindenburg, not even 12 hours after the Nazis had set fire to the Reichstag (very old as he was, Hindenburg certainly did not draft it in the night of the fire). It wiped out all essential basic rights of the Weimar Constitution. This was the beginning of the Nazi dictatorship whose establishment only needed a self-made occasion (the firebug van der Lubbe as a lone perpetrator was, at that time as well as today, for the dumb people believing in the media): The point was the extinction of the KPD.

Today the pretext for the worldwide abrogation of civil and democratic basic rights is – »until further notice«, right ? – Corona. And the plans also for this were already in the drawer. Under the title »Event 201 – a Call for Action«, in seven points all the measures were listed which we as well as three quarters of mankind have to face and suffer from today: from the closure of frontiers (now suddenly it works, as it does not concern false refugees !), the worldwide strangulation of civil transport (air and shipping traffic), the extinction of the middle class and the redistribution of property to the benefit of big banks and industrial monopolists to the worldwide orchestration and synchronization of propaganda and the fight against anything the wirepullers call »fake and false information«, that is: truly enlightening information. The wirepullers: This programme was agreed upon on October 19th 2019 in a New York luxury hotel against a »worldwide pandemic« which was not yet in sight then, but would come up as certainly as the next yearly influenza wave (and it did, as we now know). Present at this meeting were, among others, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (which nowadays functions on a worldwide scale as an »advisor«, i.e. transmitter of orders and cues to governments, also to the German one) as well as for example Avril Haines, the former CIA Vice Director under Obama the Good. Among others, the Facebook founders and the »Open Philanthropy Project« which is closely connected to Soros financed the meeting. So this was a meeting of the US-dominated mega capital whose aim is the worldwide abrogation of the basic rights (and last but not least to prevent the re-election of Trump). A worldwide Gleichschaltung as comprehensive as Hitler and his companions could only dream of. With this, everything shall become possible: from the worldwide final pauperisation (for which little Greta was just the front girl) to the war of aggression against Russia (for which the preparations are already completed).

This document can (still) be found on the Internet, see: »Event 201«. (You can find a detailed analysis published in our periodical Ketzerbriefe 221 in German.)

Conspiracy theory ? – Conspiracy practice !

At this point at the latest, the fundamental question arises: How does the propaganda to the advantage of those few beneficiaries – for instance heirs of very big fortunes, big capital owners and their corona of well-paid loudspeakers, informers and thugs – get into the brains of those who will just have disadvantages from it and therefore have every reason to find out its purpose ? To have figured this out is the merit of university psychology in the person of Leon Festinger, who has also given a name to these findings in the fifties: cognitive dissonance reduction (don’t be afraid of foreign words, they mark the knowledge of those in power, and are worth to become known and understood !). This technical term has, to put it shortly, the following meaning: If two perceptions (»cognitions«) that are in sharp contrast to each other (»dissonance«) are clashing in one brain, then that one will be removed (»reduction«) that can be more easily removed. Let’s take for example Corona, as a model for any subject relevant for those in power: On one side there is the perception (A): »What’s that supposed to mean now, after all, it’s nothing else than a common influenza from which, as we know, each year much more people have died, why then are we facing now more and more strangling restrictions and harassments threatening people’s economic existence, which have indeed never been necessary for influenza ? That’s sheer panicmongering, and for this reason we are no more allowed to leave our homes and are to go bankrupt ? That certainly is a dirty trick !« In contrast to that there is the perception (B), which resounds in unison throughout the media, saying that the »new type« of Corona virus is so horrribly dangerous, therefore immense measures and restrictions are urgently necessary – of course only for the »protection of human lives«, etc. They wouldn't make that all up ... They would never do that ...

I perceive (A) as a single, weak and more or less isolated individual whilst (B) is spread with the vigour of power and the suggestive impact of massive threat. Indeed, receiving penalties in the four-digit or five-digit range or being beaten up in broad daylight are no trifles, and this frightens people. Therefore, the individual’s own perception (A) is first averted, then eliminated, and consequently many »advantages« come to their mind (which they are served with abundantly by the fake news press): You will have time for the dear kids, you will eventually find the time to clear the loft and the balcony of junk, and so on and so forth ... The cognitive dissonance reduction does not only explain otherwise mysterious phenomena such as the idiotic cheerfulness of incurable cancer patients or of long-term unemployed people but also the phenomenon of the obedient subject who has successfully made himself believe something: in former days the Virgin Birth, today the alleged virulence of Corona with the consequent worldwide abrogation of elementary basic rights. These beliefs – be they religious or secular – are uniformly channelled by the cognitive dissonance reduction, in order to avoid that everybody make up their own pretext for subjugation and all those pretexts will be contradictory in the end. This is how power rules.

You see: it is worthwhile to see through your tormentors. This also was the only way by which a Bruno Bettelheim was able to survive the concentration camp, i.e. by understanding the motifs and strategies of his torturers; he survived scarcely, but he did. And this is the purpose of our magazine Ketzerbriefe (Heretics’ Letters). Its readers simply know more and are thus less helpless.

Now there is time to read, it’s better than staring fearfully and panic-stricken at the propaganda made of half-truths and suggestions. On this occasion we recommend, for instance, Ketzerbriefe No. 215 featuring the article Der Glaube [»The Faith«] by Fritz Erik Hoevels or our edition on the Corona topic, No. 221.


Freedom of speech means to say to a man what he does not want to hear. – Meinungsfreiheit bedeutet, jemandem etwas sagen zu können, was er nicht hören will. George Orwell

Leaflet in pdf format

March 2020

Corona and AIDS –
Long live the double standards !

Remember: AIDS would have been easy to eradicate, but according to the roaring propaganda of the Western Bloc even the sole application of the existing laws for disease control would have been pure fascism. However, it was not a fascist but a socialist state that thanks to the application of its – very moderate but sufficient – laws for disease control got it very quickly and completely under control, namely besides Cuba the much-abused GDR. Unfortunately that state perished very soon after, and under the rule of the Western Bloc the AIDS virus was put under some sort of nature protection. Its virulence was played down – every realistic warning was blamed as »scaremongering«, remember ! –, also in hospitals, and thus in addition countless doctors cruelly died from it because they had internalized how to stand »on the grounds of the free democratic basic order«. (In contrast to the cleaners, they often did not get the risk allowance when working on the AIDS wards, rather for propaganda reasons than for stinginess, and just we know enough cases of miserable deaths from those reasons, not a word about them ever let be passed by the »truth press« – how high must therefore be their real number !)

But AIDS does not only lead to a painful death (or more recently, under long-term medication, to lifelong infirmity), but above all it wrecks any sexual carefreeness. This is why it was a gift from heaven for the rulers of the Western Bloc who need depressed, pinched and crack-brained people. To fight it by carefully directed measures – even today, it could be eradicated within a few years by »screening«, that is testing of the whole population, and China, which got the much easier transmittable SARS under control in an exemplary manner and shortest time, would probably have done so if it had first emerged there and not in Africa – was roaringly blamed as terrible compulsory measures and pure fascism (even though neither Hitler nor Franco had made themselves conspicuous as fighters against epidemic diseases; for example, they made no attempts whatsoever to exterminate syphilis, which certainly would have been possible at that time by collective testing; the test was already available then). Whoever demanded an appropriate fight against AIDS, which would have been so easy compared with that against SARS, was yelled down, defamed and threatened in his existence by being publicly exposed, whereas far harsher but purposively pointless measures of the self-praising European countries against Corona are now to be accepted as absolutely all right and justified.

Long live the double standards !

For not only AIDS but also Corona is a gift from heaven to our rulers. AIDS screwed up every sexual spontaneity (this is why people are not meant to get the »Home Tests«, which could ease this swinishness significantly and, eventually, except for the most loyal dimwits, eliminate it; just think it through !). This is why AIDS still is and, above all, was pampered (meanwhile, as it’s spreading is secured, hygienic standards in hospitals have improved considerably). But also Corona is a gift from heaven to our rulers and their obedient, centralized propaganda campaigners (we even know who »designed« the propaganda against any effective AIDS eradication measure worldwide (!): the US-American spin doctor whose textbooks were translated in dozens of languages, Elliot Aronson, boasts himself of having done so).

For also Corona is very useful for our rulers, and therefore it is handled very differently than the quite similar influenza to which we however are already used to: Corona serves the destruction of communication (e.g. at the Leipzig Book Fair, which, though already threatened by state thugs, still was, after all, the last, the very last place where freedom of speech existed) and makes any slightly more expensive holiday impossible. In this function it replaces the incompetent, artificially promoted and unendurable Greta. (By the way: although the opening argument about the combustion processes necessary for the maintenance of living standards required by the overpopulation of our planet, is not a priori irrational – it could well be possible that the plants of the world, whose only basic nourishment besides water is carbon dioxide, as is well known, could not eat the surplus anymore –, the allegation about the part of man in the whole »climate change« drummed into our heads is not at all true. How things really are you can read in the books and articles of Horst-Joachim Lüdecke, author of textbooks about flow physics – the very field of science that counts when it comes to climate. Check it on the internet, you will still find them at the moment ! And how on US orders the scientists of the world were worn out, you will find in the book of the Australian author Bernie Lewin in meticulous accuracy and documentation. For the latter you need to know English of course, in a Europe geared towards a status of servitude there will hardly be a way for him to have his book published.)

As for the present actions against Corona in Europe, which are both extreme and designed without perspective on the subject-matter, their aim is quite parallel to that of the climate lie: nothing but renunciation, that is: lowering the living standards to the level of those countries from which the false refugees come (who actually persecutes for instance Moroccans or Gambians and from what reasons ?!? – they cannot even plead on »war« as subterfuge), until the move is not worth it for them anymore. That is the goal of all these monstrosities, and everyone knows it, but the overwhelming propaganda paralyzes people’s brains and drives them nuts, not different from forced baptism and Virgin Mary’s miracles in the Middle Ages. (Without papal directives and centralization the necessary huge numbers of people would not have believed in witches, for instance, with it, they did.)

Actually, »Corona« is not much worse than a little more serious forms of influenza, only a small number of patients with pre-existing medical conditions (= very old ones or patientssuffering from grave pre-existing illnesses) die of it, the rest will hardly notice anything, a high percentage even nothing. What the propaganda machinery is now doing (e.g. prompting for panic buying), is pure and real scaremongering, while the word »scaremongering«, within the propaganda-»designing« of the US spin doctors, was meant to howl down any adequate statement about AIDS that is a thousand times worse, and it succeeded to do so. Once again: remember !

Nevertheless the Corona virus should also be eradicated, like the Chinese did so quickly and exemplarily with SARS (very much to the anger of the Western Bloc, by the way !). But this not done by – though psychologically excellently »designed« – confusing the facts and by oppressing and intimidating the masses, but in the present situation, as its spreading is already similar to that of influenza, the only correct choice is: mass vaccination, and this is exactly what the so very evil Chinese have initiated and also the United States, thanks to Trump who is pissed on every single day by the streamlined press of the Western Bloc not only for this. (Of course, he is fanatically pissed on mainly because in the one place he saved us from the war against Russia, so nicely arranged at Maidan Square already. And secondly because, by getting rid of the dirty competition and by imposing protective duties, he protected his own people from wage reductions enforced by cheap labour imported from abroad. Therefore the mega capital that rules the United States is foaming with rage, and lets their press also fret and fume.)

For, contrary to the AIDS virus, the Corona virus has a pretty stable shell (only at this shell a vaccination can possibly aim), and therefore the fight against it at least at the individual level will soon be pretty easy; China and Trump’s USA without panic show us the way. »But the approval procedures will take so long !« – But why of all things should a state stick to that law while it breaks every other one when needed, and secondly, if the crisis was as huge as they have propagated, would it not be most easy to change that law ?!? »But if there haven’t been enough tests on animals [now for once !!!], healthy persons might get harmed !« – Well, after the usual
testing far less people than those very old people or critically ill ones that died already from the Corona virus now, and besides, Chinese are humans like we are: if they tolerate it, then we shall tolerate it as well, no matter what the streamlined press blethers fussingly (or the bigwigs of the West-German bloc parties).

Naturally our government (totally depending on US capital) also knows very well that one day a specific vaccination will solve that problem just as elegantly and without ado as it does with every wave of influenza. But: Gain time, much is won, hysteric renunciation and elimination of travelling by plane need to be drummed in. This prey will not be left.

– Now we have, with high own sacrifices and quite some self-endangerment, in a widely totalitarian, more and more brutalized state (because only the clumsy AfD, as the only and severely mistreated opposition still the smallest evil in contrast to the furious and remote-controlled »Western« bloc parties, could set something against this tyranny, which is why it is so mistreated) informed about quite a lot – more is simply not possible with our only remaining instrument. But in order to escape enforced conformity one needs a general understanding of matters.

This is what our periodical


provides just as well as formerly the »Iskra« to the Russian people. And who is looking for a general understanding of political matters is strongly recommended our brochure »Die Rechts/Links-Verwirrung«* (please spell it correctly when searching on the internet !). A certain amount of brains and knowledge is of course necessary for it, but if you are sparing with that of all things, misery and slavery will come as sure as during late antiquity, analogous to our times.

And do think about our – by the way thoroughly left – slogan that alone opens a global perspective of change for the better !


* For English-speaking readers, we recommend our brochure »Who is the ruling class ?«


Freedom of speech means to say to a man what he does not want to hear. – Meinungsfreiheit bedeutet, jemandem etwas sagen zu können, was er nicht hören will. George Orwell

Leaflet in pdf format